IEEE CASE2024 full-day workshop

The workshop AURA – Acceptance and trUst of Robots in Automation 5.0 is hosted by CASE 2024, whose location is Bari, Italy.


Automation 5.0 represents the cutting-edge evolution of automation technologies within the framework of Industry 5.0, a revolution that further integrates humans into the automation chain. In this context, Automation 5.0 involves the use of sophisticated robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that work alongside human workers, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and safety in industrial settings. Central to the success of Automation 5.0 is the acceptance and trust of robots by humans. The social acceptance concept, defined as “an individual’s psychological state with regard to his or her voluntary or intended use of a particular technology” is crucial in Automation 5.0 for seamless robots’ integration into various domains, including manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. Unlike previous automation generations, which focused primarily on productivity, Automation 5.0 emphasizes HRC. Therefore, acceptance involves recognizing robots as valuable partners rather than mere substitutes for human labour. Trust is another fundamental aspect of the HRC in Automation 5.0, enabling humans to rely on robots to perform tasks safely, accurately, and efficiently. Humans should feel confident that robots will operate within defined parameters and respond appropriately to unexpected situations.

The aim of this workshop is to bridge roboticists from academia and industry to exchange insights and perspectives on fostering acceptance and trust of robots in Automation 5.0. In the discussion, particular attention will be devoted to the measurement of the key factors influencing human acceptance of robots in industrial settings, i.e., perceived occupational safety, physical ergonomics, cognitive ergonomics, efficiency, design, and privacy. In fact, certain metrics for these factors have already been established in existing literature, while others necessitate additional efforts for quantification and integration into robot design and control. Therefore, the perspectives of experts in this field will be presented aiming at delineating the path for the definition of appropriate functional and non-functional requirements for robots’ acceptance to be integrated into their architecture and design.

The workshop and insight session are organized within the EU Horizon Europe project SERMAS (Socially acceptable Extended Reality Models And Systems, GA n. 101070351):

Registration Fee

The registration for AURA workshop fee is €60, which includes lunch and coffee break. The registration fee will be made through the registration system of CASE 2024 following the same procedure indicated for the “In-person Workshops and Tutorials Registration”, more info here ( Please note that the registration for AURA workshop is valid only for the events of September 1st  (AURA and other CASE 2024 workshops) and does not include registration for CASE. 


Important Dates

    • Submission deadline: June 24th 2024 -> July 31st 2024

    • Notification of paper acceptance: June 28th 2024 -> August 10th 2024

    • Workshop Date: September 1st 2024

Endorsed by the following IEEE RAS Technical Committees

    • Automation in Health Care Management

    • Cognitive Robotics

    • Digital Manufacturing and Human-Centered Automation

    • Neuro-Robotics Systems

    • Wearable Robotics